Senator Zaffirini's 2003 Press Releases

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Icon: Media BroadcastDecember 8, 2003
Sen. Barrientos, Zaffirini, West and Rep. Coleman Press Conference on Affirmative Action

Icon: Media BroadcastOctober 12, 2003
Senate Democrats Press Conference on Redistricting

Icon: Media BroadcastSeptember 18, 2003
Press Conference: Democrat Senators Reactions

Icon: Press ReleaseAugust 5, 2003
As Texas Immunization Rates Continue to Fall, Senator Zaffirini Urges Repeal of Conscientious Objector Clause

Icon: Media BroadcastMay 26, 2003
Press conference on "The Budget"

Icon: Media BroadcastMarch 3, 2003
Press conference on "Immunizations"